Congrats! Lyndsey Dow Promoted to Veterinary Technician

Lyndsey started at PenBay Veterinary Associates in January, 2011 as an assistant technician.  Her primary responsibilities included laundry, cleaning cages, and walking dogs; all necessary and important tasks that must be done to keep patients happy, and the hospital clean, safe, and odor free. 

“It quickly became apparent that Lyndsey is passionate about learning and has a knack for veterinary medicine,” says Dr. Bjorn Lee.  “Our experienced technicians really took her under their wings. I’ve never seen someone come in with no experience and learn as quickly as Lyndsey has.  I couldn’t be happier having her as a part of our growing team.”

On Thursday, Lyndsey was promoted to be Dr. Kate Pierce’s lead appointment technician. Her new responsibilities include: taking patient’s medical history, preparing medications, drawing and running blood-work. 

Lyndsey will still work closely with PenBay Vet’s experienced technicians Jonathan Armbrecht and Kate Henry, to develop further skills such as taking radiographs and digital dental x-rays, anesthesia monitoring, and surgical prep.

“While working at Petco, I realized I loved working with animals.  When I saw the posting that PenBay Vets was looking to hire, I jumped at the opportunity,” says Lyndsey.  “My favorite part of the job currently is drawing blood and running blood-work.  We have a full laboratory at the hospital and it amazes me what the veterinarians can learn about a pet’s health from a single tube of blood. I love that I get to learn something new nearly everyday.”

Congratulations Lyndsey!  You’ve earned it.


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