Dr. James Seeing Results from Acupuncture Training

With one training weekend under her belt, Dr. James is excited for her second weekend in Florida to continue her veterinary acupuncture training.  "It's a rigorous course" says Dr. James. "Each weekend is 4 days of intense training, studying, and practice." 

After her first training weekend, Dr. James started putting her knowledge to work for a select number of critical patients.  So far the veterinarians and staff at PenBay Vets are impressed with the results.  Dr. James administered acupuncture to a chronically ill cat that requires regular medical attention.  During prior visits, the ailing feline was extremely stressed and difficult to handle.  The entire staff was amazed how by using acupuncture Dr. James was able to calm the cat and reduce the stress level of the medical exam for the patient and pet owner. Stay tuned to learn more about Dr. James's acupuncture training.


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