Meet Dr. Lindsay Church - our new veterinarian!

Dr. Lindsay Church is a graduate of Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Dr. Church practices integrative medicine - an approach that considers an animal's whole health, from behavior to diet, to exercise - using both conventional and complementary healing modalities.  She has a special interest in acupuncture and nutrition.

A lover of animals of all kinds, Dr. Church's graduate degree in marine mammal biology led her to work rehabilitating seals and sea turtles along the Maine coast. 

She lives in Camden with her partner and their very furry children, a sweet Weimaraner named Summit and an ornery cat named Otis.


Otis, a handsome and talkative 15-year-old cat loves sunbathing and chasing mice, as well as telling you his opinion about everything.


Summit, a silly and energetic 15-year-old Weimaraner loves long hikes, playing in the snow or at the beach and snorkeling for cookies. Oh, and antagonizing her brother, Otis. 


In her free time she loves playing outside – paddling, skiing, hiking – eating good food, traveling and scuba diving in the tropics.





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