PenBay Vet Volunteer, Gordon Guist, Becomes a National Spokesperson for Parkinson’s Disease

Camden resident Gordon Guist recently participated in the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation’s second clinical research learning institute in Florham Park, NJ.

The Learning Institute educated its participants about ways people living with Parkinson’s can contribute to new treatments and a cure for the disease.

Guist was among the group of business leaders, scientists and educators who traveled from 24 states to participate.  Since he was diagnosed 13 years ago with Parkinson’s, he has been involved with his community.  Gordon volunteers at PenBay Veterinary Associates and co-founded the Penobscot Pet Pantry, an organization that helps families feed their pets.  

According to Dr. Bjorn Lee, “Gordon is instrumental in helping PenBay Vets be a safe and welcoming place for our clients and patients.  He started and maintains a recycling program for our hospital, performs routine repairs on our facility, and helps with our website. Everyone loves having Gordon around, and we are excited that he has decided to take a more active role within Parkinson’s advocacy.”

During the training, Gordon attended three days of courses led by national experts, who covered such topics as the basics of clinical research and new potential Parkinson’s therapies that are being studied by scientists.  

Back home, he is ready to work on a local level to impact the development of new therapies and to raise awareness among people living with Parkinson’s about the role that they too can play.

“As part of this work, I am trying to enlist local support groups in our area, which among other tasks, would serve to raise awareness about clinical studies,” says Guist.

Those who are interested in being part of a Parkinson’s support group with Mulligan should contact the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation at


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