PenBay Vets Makes Bangor Daily News!

From Bangor Daily News:

In Rockland, before the sun set and the videos started, children participated in a cat costume contest. They lined up to enter the cuddle booth, a tent staffed by PAWS Animal Adoption Center and featuring several playful black cats, all of which were on the prowl for new homes.

“This is nice,” Joelle Albury of PAWS said. “Oftentimes when we take the cats out, it’s at banks or to retirement homes. Here, the kids get more interaction with them.”

There was a tarot card reader, who went by the name of “Catarorita,” who used a deck adorned with cats. There was even a stuffed animal MASH unit, staffed by Dr. Bjorn Lee and others from Rockport’s PenBay Veterinary.

Lee, surrounded by a pile of bandaged stuffed animals, said that he had done lots of wellness checks and some emergency surgery.

“We sewed up a horse. We fixed an eye on a dragon and treated lots of leg injuries,” he said. “My staff would like to do this all day.”

Check out the entire article - including photos of Dr. Lee's two kids dressed up for the event!


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