AAHA Pets Matter Nov & Dec: I Can Get What From My Pet?!?

Is Your Pet at Risk for an Iron Disorder?

Iron plays a vital role in a large number of metabolic pathways in almost every living organism, and in animals either too much or too little iron can have dire consequences.

I Can Get What From My Pet?!?

Most people know that wild animals can give rabies to people, but what they may not realize is that pets like cats, dogs and birds can pass diseases to people. That may sound scary, but prevention isn’t all that hard. Here’s what to know about keeping pets and people safe from each other.

Helping Your Itchy Pet

Itching can make pets absolutely miserable, but it is actually a sign of an underlying problem. For example, if the pet has an allergy, exposure to the allergen causes a series of events to happen within the animal’s body. 

From Abused, Abandoned Puppy to Silver Screen Star

How many times have you seen an animal in a movie or a television commercial and thought, “My dog can do that. He would be a natural in front of the camera.” What is a pipe dream for most pet owners became a reality for Janice Norden and her 9-year-old mixed-breed dog, Skeeter. The once abused and abandoned puppy is now a full-fledged celebrity, after landing a starring role in “Walk-Ins Welcome,” an independent movie recently filmed in Colorado.


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