Flea & Tick Alert

Fleas and ticks are back in full force. At PenBay Veterinary Associates we have found ticks on many of our patients already this Spring. If you haven’t already, it is time to start regular flea & tick preventative. This monthly medication will protect your pet from developing health threatening diseases such as Anaplasmosis and Lyme disease. It will also keep your pet from introducing fleas and ticks into your home, which can be both bothersome and dangerous to your health. Stop by our hospital to pick up a 6-month supply of Frontline Plus and get a 7th dose free. Ask one of our knowledgeable staff members how to apply Frontline if you’re unsure how.

When applying flea and tick preventatives, be sure that you are doing it correctly. Part the hair on the center of the neck and apply directly to the skin. Applying in multiple spots will help distribute the product and minimize loss. Do not bathe or let your pet swim for at least 48 hours after applying the products. You can contact your veterinarian for more information or a demonstration if you are not certain you are using the product properly. If you are finding a lot of ticks or fleas, consider applying the preventatives every three weeks instead of every four. Keep treating through November.

While some areas are worse than others, please be especially careful after hikes and walks in the woods and fields. Always check your dog after you have been out for a walk (and yourself!), and check your cats when they come back inside. Ticks often attach around the head and neck; fleas favor the area just in front of the tail and between the hind legs. Flea dirt (feces) looks like small black spots. If wiped with a wet paper towel, they will turn red and bleed. With fleas, it is very important to also make sure the house environment is free of fleas and flea eggs. Your veterinarian can help make recommendations on how to best deal with flea infestations in the house.

For more information please visit www.penbayvets.com. Our website includes a searchable database of veterinary-approved pet health articles.

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