Our Top Tips for Midcoast Maine Pet Owners

Are you new to the area or a first time pet owner? Our goal at PenBay Vet’s is to help you be the best pet owner possible. READ PBVA’S TOP TIPS FOR MIDCOAST MAINE PET OWNERS:

1. Protect your dog from Lyme Disease.  Lyme disease is debilitating in pets and people alike.  Nearly 1/3 of dogs that we test are positive for Lyme at one time or another.  We recommend treating your pets with a monthly flea and tick preventative all-year round. We also offer an effective Lyme disease vaccine.  Ask one of our veterinary team members which medication is right for your pet. Click here for more informaiton on Lyme Disease.


2. It’s the Law: Register your dog every year at your town office. Dogs must be registered by January 31st each year. A current rabies certificate from a veterinarian is needed for the registration process. Dogs in Maine are required to have an up-to-date rabies vaccine at all times.    Visit the State's website for more information.


3. Prevent deadly Heartworm Disease in your cats and dogs. Heartworm is a life threatening disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes.  It is easily prevented by giving a monthly medicine all-year round. We check your pets for Heartworm disease annually, and can recommend the appropriate heartworm preventative for your pet. Click here to learn more about Heartworm Disease.


4. Fleas are no fun. When an adult flea is found, this represents a mere 5% of the entire problem: the other 95% includes the eggs and larvae that are developing in your carpets and bedding, making fleas hard to get rid of. Fleas also transmit disease and parasites.  A monthly preventative purchased from a veterinarian (see Lyme disease) helps to keep your pets, house, and family, flea free. Click for more information on flea control for dogs or cats.


5. Vaccinate against Rabies and Leptospirosis. It’s Maine State Law to keep your dogs and cats up-to-date on rabies vaccines.  Leptospirosis is a disease transmitted through the urine of infected animals.  We can discuss whether your dog is at risk and begin Leptospirosis vaccination if warranted.


6. A well trained dog equals happy dog and happy owner. Proper training is one of the best gifts you can give your pet, yourself and everyone around you. Plus, it just plain fun!  There are many talented trainers in our area we can recommend.  Dogs of all ages and breeds benefit from training.


7. Use a PenBay Vet’s rabies tag on your pet’s collar and get a micro-chip.  If you pet ever decides to go “walk about” he/she will be returned to you faster if you use our rabies pet tags. They have our contact information and a code that let’s us know who the pet’s owner is.  We also offer micro-chipping which is even more effective, as collars can be forgotten or come off.


8. Get active with your dog, but know the rules. Different towns in Maine and even different areas within a town have different leash laws. Visit your town’s website, and look for pet rules where ever you go – especially at parks and beaches. Some spots offer “off-leash” play in designated areas – such as the dog park in Camden.


9. Porcupines, raccoons, skunks, and coyotes.These are all common wild animals in our area that frequently cause problems for dogs and cats. Porcupine quills are painful and even life threatening.  Raccoons can carry rabies, and you know about skunks.  We have even had a dogs attacked by coyotes in Rockport Village.  It is always a good idea to have a fenced yard, or at least supervise your pets outside, especially in the early morning and early evening when these wild creatures are most active.


10. Call us with all your pet ownership questions!  Please consider us your one-stop source for all information pet related; it doesn’t have to be medical.  We are happy to recommend breeders, boarding facilities, groomers, pet sitters, and more!



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